Investing money in overseas property is not an easy decision to make .

Whether you are buying property for personal use or as an investment , be assured that PiP's specialized and experienced team will assist you and provide a comprehensive professional service and continuous support all the way through - PiP will be there for you ...

From the moment you begin to think of investing - by preparing a personalized presentation of a wide selection of prime properties with a detailed pro-forma analysis on estimated return on investment.

At the moment you decide to invest - by assisting you to obtain the most suitable / competitive / convenient mortgage scheme.

Through the legalization and registration time ... by minimizing the time frame for getting things done in a professional and legal manner.

Even later on - when the time comes to think about property management services.

Real Estate is the most secure investment that future generations can inherit from us. Don't hesitate to reach that important decision .PIP is there to ensure a sound , prime investment for you ... be sure your children will appreciate it.

Please , visit Legal Advice link to learn about legal/fiscal considerations and general information when buying/selling properties in countries we operate .

On the following web-pages we have the pleasure to present you with a couple of selected properties . We hope that selected properties will meet your expectations . However , if not , please visit PROPERTY FINDER link and fill up Buying form . Our portfolio contains large numbers of prime properties and we'll be looking forward to your visit and the opportunity to introduce them to you .